Each year people from around the world gather in the small town of Cazadero, California to experience Brazilian music and dance culture firsthand. more>

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Regular registration for the 2016 California Brazil Camp in Cazadero will begin on February 1st, 2016.


CBC Payment Plan Now available

For those of you who would like to pay a small amount each month towards CBC 2016, we once again have set up the CBC payment plan, available through the end of 2015. Your total fee will be divided into 9 monthly payments through August. The monthly payment will include your tent selection charge as well. You'll be placed in line for tent selection after anyone who registers in the first three days of regular registration in February. As we understand it's early for some to make plans for next summer, there will be no charge for cancellations through February. And as the faculty members for each session may make a difference to which you choose, you'll be able to switch sessions as well. We'll also make any necessary changes to your registration type (like if you sign up for one session, but want to add the second at a later date, or if your group gets more people than you expected and ends up qualifying for the group discount).


To get on the payment plan, simply choose the correct option from the dropdown below, and set up your payment info with Paypal. They will automatically charge your credit card for ten months. After setting everything up and making your first payment, you will be returned to the CBC registration page to input your information.


CBC 2015 Payment Plan Registration
Group Name (if applicable)
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Choose your tent in advance.

This year we're giving people the opportunity to choose permanent tent spaces in advance. The cost to reserve a spot is $10. If you prefer privacy and bring your own tent, you will, as usual, choose where to set up camp upon arrival. The tent selection process will begin in May, and will be based on registration order. So, register early to have a greater selection of tents. Tents hold four people each, so you should expect to share with three others. If you'll be coming to camp in groups of two or more, or want to share a tent with someone, you should register together, or connect to register close to the same time. The new registration interface makes it easy to add deposits or full-payments for multiple registrants, and check out with one credit card payment.



One Session: $882.00

Both Sessions: $1656.00




Cancellations after February 1st but before August 1st are subject to a $75 cancellation fee, no payments will be returned for cancellations made after August 1st.